Tuesday, June 25, 2013

and it all starts with A...

A couple of photos from our preschool time today. Again, we are using Little Hands to Heaven for the bulk of the learning time. One of today's instruction was to tape out a giant "A" on the floor. On that, we drove cars to reinforce the shape of the uppercase A (vs. walked stuffed animals, as per the instructions). I have a "car guy" (actually I have two - father and son!), so cars are always close by to drive. 

Next, I created a set of miniature "flashcards" of sorts. Big sister and little bro flipped through the letters, with little bro naming off each one and practicing letter sounds as well. He's doing really well (thanks to Leap Frog and their terrific Letter Factory videos!) with the sounds. We have even begun to use the letters to put together words and practice sounding them out (i.e. "cat," "dog"). Just some basic phonetic stuff sprinkled in. 

It was a fun day today. Big sis wasn't excited about the idea of starting her schoolwork, but sure loves teaching her brother. She's a natural. On a daily basis, she already sprinkles in so many learning opportunities into their playtime. 

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