Saturday, June 29, 2013

much better!

Sonlight Core D books. Wow, there are a bunch of them! This is our first year in Sonlight. We switched to them for history because they are literature based and I have a book-lovin' daughter (which makes me smile, because I am one myself). However, after spending about 8 weeks collecting the books from a variety of places, I realized that we needed a better system of shelving them than we had available. A local Facebook "for sale" page turned up a $5 find!

The organization of our Sonlight books went from this: this!

Hooray! Much easier. This has kind of become "command central" for our summer studies. In the fall, when we pick up all the additional subjects, I will go back to using my kitchen cabinet for the non-Sonlight curriculum, but for the summer this houses it all.

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