Monday, June 24, 2013

year 2 begins...

Welcome! Thought I'd start off by posting what materials we are using this year - our second year of homeschooling! We have begun a "reduced load" school year, after taking a 4 week break for our "summer break." The plan is to get back into a routine, which will also include me working from home for three hours per day for a local health system's human resource department. This is a temporary assignment and should mesh well with this shorter school schedule for the summer.

For my preschooler boy, I am using Little Hands to Heaven by Heart of Dakota as well as many supplemental ideas/printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler, Homeschool Creations, and 1plus1plusequals1

For my fifth grader girl, we are taking the eclectic approach again and using a variety of materials from a variety of publishers. Here's what we are doing, listed by subject:
History & Bible - Sonlight (American History, part 1/Core D)
Grammar - Excellence in Writing (Fix-It)
Spelling - Excellence in Writing (Phonetic Zoo)
Science - Apologia (Zoology 3, Land Animals of the Sixth Day)
Math - Math U See (Zeta/decimals)
Foreign Language - Spanish (Rosetta Stone)
Listing this last, because as Andrew P says, writing isn't it's own subject, but one that's woven within all others... Excellence in Writing (Student Writing Intensive).
(For the summer, we are simply doing Sonlight's History/Bible and a Math review workbook, sharpening multiplication and division skills.)

Happy new school year!

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