Monday, July 8, 2013

b says...

More letter work today! Using Confession of a Homeschooler's "letter hunt" for the letter B along with 1plus1plus1's letter tracing to get him working on his uppercase B's. 

No photographic proof, but we also completed a Pinterest project and made it rain in a jar, to go along with the Bible story of Noah and the ark, which LHTH has us reading this week.
While it took some time for the steam to build up on the underside of the lid and slo--w--ly drip down, the concept worked. 

My favorite activity with rain, was to then simply just put my kids in their bathing suits and send them outside to play in the real rain! We have had DAYS of rain and they love to go out and splash around in the water coming down the gutter downspouts and stomp in the mud puddles. Mom loves it too ;) Outside time is always a good thing!

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