Friday, July 26, 2013


In our home, we don't have a separate school "classroom" space. We float between the kitchen table, the couch, a hammock outside, or sometimes my daughter will work at an antique desk in our entryway when she needs a distractions-free space. Since "officially" beginning preschool work this summer, I've wanted to be able to hang some ABC/123 posters up for Z. Since we don't have room in our kitchen (and I have to draw the line on "acceptable decorations" somewhere, lol), I turned to his bedroom. We just flip-flopped his furniture around, which opened up a new wall to decorate. Wellll... yesterday I went to the dollar store and scored some posters. Very classroomy looking, traditional brightly colored and all, however sometimes the 2 for $1 price tag makes the decision a no-brainer. In his bedroom, I will sacrifice "style" and go with "it works!" I also snagged a pack of large clips from the clothespin section and was able to hang by just using pushpins through a hole already in the clip! Easy-peasy!

Actually, I'm pretty excited to have them in there. He's proficient on much of what is up there, but having it in front of him will ensure review, review, and more review! My L is a natural teacher and when she saw them hanging, she was like "Great! Now we can play school!" I have no doubt she will refer to those posters when they are playing together in his room.

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