Tuesday, July 16, 2013

humming right along...

 So, here's a look at what we're up to today...

Big sis is playing Math Blaster on the kindle. I think that electronics definitely should play a part in homeschool learning. We utilize the kindle apps as well as online sites on our desktop computer. I will have to do a post later regarding some of our favorites websites - for preschool learning, as well as elementary learning. They are just great for reinforcing our regular lesson concepts.

Little bro is busy working on the letter "c" this morning. Instead of gluing cotton balls on the letter like Little Hands to Heaven instructed (for some reason, he really opposes that idea - he totally balked at gluing cheerios on the letter "a" a few weeks ago), we used q-tips to just paint it.

We also have Grandma (my MIL) here visiting for a few days. It has been so great to have her here! Having spent nearly 20 years in the public school system, she loves reading books to the children as well as spending time doing some of the kindle apps with them and even going through Z's busy bag activities with him. 

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