Monday, July 29, 2013

just a little duct tape...

I am constantly amazed by my daughter's creativity and ability to follow-through on an idea that she has in her head. I see her creativity play out in SO many ways as she spends time with her brother - she can come up with a hundred different imaginary games to play using an old scarf as inspiration or make fifteen different gadgets with one shoe box. It is what captivates her little brother and keeps them playing for hours together.

Her most current project is no exception.
She has an American Girl doll that she saved for about two years ago. It remains one of her favorite things to play with - by herself or with fellow girl friends that come over with their dolls. In the latest American Girl catalog, she was taken with an art easel/art set that she saw. Rather than wait to save for it (it would take awhile, those things are pricey!), she decided to make one herself. Unbeknownst to me, during quiet hour, she was back in her bedroom creating. She comes out and has transformed a few popsickle sticks, drinking straws, scraps of paper and pieces of duct tape into an art set for her doll. In addition to an easel, she made a folder with school papers inside, a few letters written back and forth between (doll)friends, as well as a little satchel to store those things inside of.

What an amazing job, even down to the littlest details!

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