Thursday, July 18, 2013

servant's heart: baking

Dinner. That dreaded hour when the magic of prior planning collides with food on the table. Or, that's what it should look like, and does, most days... Yesterday I wasn't sure what we were going to have for dinner. However, each week, we usually have a "breakfast for dinner" day and we hadn't had one yet this week. Most days that means pancakes, or like tonight, omelets with muffins. Occasionally we'll have a waffle night (but that waffle maker is such a pain to clean, lol!)
I had asked L to pull out the ingredients to make the muffins and by the time I was done washing the dishes in the sink, I found the process almost completed! She did absolutely everything, even down to putting them in and later pulling them out of the oven. Yummm... loving my sweet girl's servant heart this evening.

Checking how long to set the timer for...

And, licking the bowl ;) ...a reward for a job well done!

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