Monday, July 22, 2013

when big sis is away...'s up to Mommy to play!
And, as far as Z is concerned, the best thing to play with is cars!


Big sis is away because each summer, my L has a week at (usually, each) grandparent's house by herself. This is something that I had the privilege of doing when I was young and love that my children have two sets of grandparents involved in their lives that desire to continue the tradition. What a blessing! This week my daughter is with my parents. We went up for the weekend to visit as a family, but L was disappointed that we were sticking around. She was ready from the minute we got there for her mom, dad, and brother to leave! :) Well, we left her around 5pm yesterday and she was arranging "her room," hanging up her clothes for the week in the closet and didn't even bother to come outside to see us off. I say all that in jest, but I really do delight in the fact that she is eager to have time with her grandparents. It's a good time for both big sister and little brother to have time apart. What's that old saying? "Absence makes the heart grow fonder?" In small doses, I do believe that is true. They will have the most adorable reunion after the week is over.

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