Tuesday, August 27, 2013

first day of "full" school

Well... today's the day! We are transitioning (slowly, I think) from "summer mode" to a full school load. Excuse the hidden faces, I'm a little shy about sharing photos of my kiddos on a public blog, but I thought the signs were too cute not to share :)

We'll continue on with preschool as we were and then add in a few subjects this week and then the rest next week to get going up at full speed. I talked about my curriculum choices for the year here, in case you are interested in seeing what we are doing this year. I always think it's fun to compare and see what people are using. I also like looking at what families with kids that are in middle and high school are doing so that I can start thinking ahead. 

Is there a certain subject/curriculum that you are really pumped about using this year?

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