Monday, August 19, 2013


Do games have a place in your family time (or homeschool time)? I loved playing games as a kid, and still do, so it only makes sense to me to incorporate actual board games or card games into learning time. If it's not obvious learning (i.e. CandyLand to learn colors), there are so many intangibles that come into play(haha) as well... taking turns, counting spaces, gracious - just thinking and reasoning in general!

My daughter recently learned about the game of Clue, and now she's hooked! I had three different versions of it growing up, so I think I know where her interest in it comes from ;)
However, I only kept one version over the years and so we have played "Master Detective" a handful of times now. She (just as I did) loves looking through the cards and reading about the people and rooms. I even taught her a few of my tricks that I had picked up over the years. (Yeah, I'm a cool mom like that). ;)

This evening, I just spent time with my son playing Cootie. He's old enough now to learn how to actually play a game. We took turns rolling the dice and even practiced counting its spots! It takes patience for a three year old to wait his turn, especially after the disappointing roll of landing on a "2" when you already have your cootie heads (that's the body part you get for a 2). In the end, after the game is over, it's a lot of fun to act out goofy scenarios with the little guys too. Tonight our cootie bugs were sneaking around in a library! :)

Personally, I have really enjoyed a copy of Mancala that we picked up a few weeks ago at a used bookstore. Such a simple, old game, but new to me and I've enjoyed it a lot.

What are a few of your family's favorite games?

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