Thursday, August 15, 2013


What do you do when the sun and cool breezes of a fall-like summer day beckon you outside on a school day? Why, move school outside of course! 

My family really enjoys hammocks. We have recently made the switch from tent camping to hammock camping. All four of us have hammocks (as well as tarps and bug nets) and enjoy the comfort of sleeping suspended in the air vs on the ground. I confess, we have yet to have all four of us hang out overnight. On our last camping trip, when I thought we'd finally get to try it, my son opted to sleep in my in-laws trailer vs hanging. So, the next chance will happen in October when we have another trip planned (with no in-laws for back up!). 

Here's our backyard classroom for today:

Sonlight and hammocks... this curriculum was made for lounging! L is completing her reading for the day:

Any questions about hammocking? Anyone else move school outside on the pretty days?

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