Wednesday, August 7, 2013

left hand on green...

Twister. That game either brings up fun memories of playing with friends... or it brings up embarrassing memories of plopping down so hard it brought tears to your eyes in front of that boy you thought was so cute... I won't say which it is for me ;)

My daughter recently used some birthday money to purchase the game of Twister. First thing this morning (i.e. 7:30am), my kiddos are ripping into the game eager to play. Not having had my first cup of coffee yet, I lazily spun the spinner and called out commands. My three year old is still learning his left from his right, so this "game" was much more than just a game. Funny how my perspective of "school" has changed with homeschooling. I see so much of life as learning... "learning" is way more than a textbook in front of a student. I want it just to be a natural part of life with my kiddos. If they have a question about something or how something works, I want their default to be to look for an answer. Ok, that's a little bit of a digression from Twister. Sorry. (I've obviously had my coffee now and am awake!)

So. After they ate, as the board was still on the floor, my daughter came up with an idea. She instructed Z to start out by standing on a circle. She then gave him directions... "Move three steps forward and one to the left."... and then asked "What color are you standing on?" Ah... see? Natural learning. It makes me smile.

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