Thursday, August 22, 2013

preschool is brought to you by the letter...

We have been on Unit 6 this week... still in the story of Joseph, this time focusing more on "e"mpty jars (aka famine) in the land, forgiveness and Joseph's reconciliation with his family. We also discussed God's provision for His chosen people (through Egypt's stockpile of food) by allowing Joseph to come into Pharoah's awareness in the first place by interpreting the Pharoah's dream.

We saw that "interpreting" dreams is hard work, just as "interpreting" which animal I was acting out on Z's (wiggly, giggly) back was hard to do. God was surely at work, to allow Joseph to be able to explain Pharoah's dream!

Z was eager to work on worksheets this week. He really wanted to work like big sister does at the table! He colored in a laminated counting worksheet. He also did a letter "e" seek & find, traced some capital letter "E"s, worked on a few shape color/cut/sort/glue worksheets, and completed the one I share about further down below. 

A fellow Little Hands to Heaven momma has put together an A to Z set of tracing pages that coordinate with the finger play-poems for each unit. You can find all of Dawn's Little Hands posts here. (I don't think this particular set has been posted yet, but watch for them referenced within her posts).


This was a busy school week. We doubled up on our Sonlight lessons, spending more time reading,  and also working hard to finish up the review math workbook and spelling workbook that L was working through this summer. This is our last week on "summer mode." Next Monday we start back up with our "full schedule!"

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  1. Great week! The Mr. Potato Head picture made me smile! :)


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