Tuesday, August 13, 2013

so much more than a story of a man...

This week in preschool we are learning about Joseph from the Bible.

As an adult, I find this story utterly amazing and comforting because it reminds me of God's sovereignty. If you were to stop in any portion of the story, it might seem hopeless. Joseph looks to be stuck in any number of places... thrown in a deep pit by his brothers just for receiving a gift from dad (it's not like he asked for the robe), wrongly accused by the wife of his boss (he did the right thing yet still got thrown in prison),  and stuck in prison (even after asking his fellow cell mates to remember him when they got out). What ties the story together and reminds me of God's sovereignty is the conclusion which includes reuniting with family, forgiveness, and God's grace through provision of food and even status. So comforting. So reassuring. Our life right now seems to be at a "stop" in the middle of our story. I already see God's hand in our circumstances that do remind me of His sovereignty, but I do look forward to the day I can look back and see the story in full.

A few photos of our preschool activities that go along with the story...

Coloring (wet) coffee filters with food coloring to represent the variety of color in Joseph's coat.

We had a fun time with this last activity as well. The curriculum called for me to wrap a coat in a gift bag. We were to then practice graciousness at receiving a gift, as well as bringing up the obvious - it's a "coat" like Joseph received. Z was so cute. He saw the gift bag and was like "A present?! For ME?? Is it my birthday?" (L's birthday was last month, and he realllly wanted presents too, lol). He opened it and immediately put on the sweater (which was a multi-colored sweater, that was actually made by my grandmother for me as a child, and now lives in the dress up box). Nevertheless, he already was like "Oh THANK YOU Mommy!" Too cute. I really appreciate how this curriculum puts in scenarios to act out different things. Too many times I think we forget that we need to train our children, even for what we would consider "typical" scenarios... sharing with a friend, saying thank you when receiving a gift, asking for something, etc. It's been fun to run through these with my kiddo (and great reminders for later... "Remember when we shared with our teddy bear?" That's what you need to do with you sister.") ;)

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