Friday, August 23, 2013

what to do when...

... your preschooler says "I don't want to do school today!!"

1. Pull up Pinterest.
2. Search for preschool craft ideas.
3. Find one.
4. Tweak it so that it goes along with the letter of the week.
5. Get big sister involved and excited.
6. Watch as little bro climbs up in his chair and wants to do the project too.
7. Smile. You've got 'em doing "school."

This is "salt painting." I used the glue to draw the letter "E e" on the paper, then helped Z sprinkle salt over it. Then I just shook off the excess salt and gave him food coloring to drop onto the salt. We watched as it spread color on the salt (...and onto the paper if you squeeze 2 drops vs 1, as my son had the habit of doing).

My daughter, and later my son, free-handed whatever design they wanted. My daughter also experimented by mixing the salt with drops of food coloring in a separate cup, then spreading the colored salt over her glue design. A little different effect (lower left page). I thought my son's (lower right paper) looked like blocks of ice floating on water, which prompted talking about penguins and ice bergs and cold weather... now, who didn't want to do school today? ;)

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