Friday, August 2, 2013

what's for dinner?

As compared to last year, our garden this year has been overall better at producing the vegetables I have planted. We have had all of our five tomato plants produce four beautiful, yummy varieties of tomatoes. Last year, we only had two of the six plants give us tomatoes. This year, I have red and golden yellow peppers growing on all of the eight plants. Last year, I had about two peppers from the four plants. Last year my cucumber plants died. This year, they had an early burst of quick growing vines and a crop of a handful of cucumbers. Unfortunately, now something is plaguing them and I haven't found a cure yet. The leaves have almost a mold or fungus growing on them. We had a TON of rain this season, so I thought maybe it was an excess of water. However, a week or two of dry weather proved this wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
One bummer with this year's garden... our lettuce hasn't been as spectacular. I am glad that I planted two rows! Last year, our one row of lettuce was cut and then regrew at least three to four times over the summer to be re-cut and eaten. This year, my two rows have yet to produce a second growth from the cut stems. Last year we had a salad every night just to keep up with it. It was delicious! This year, we have had a few good chef salads. Those are some of our favorite dinners.

We start with this, picked fresh that day...

And end with this...

Is your mouth watering yet?

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