Thursday, September 5, 2013

busy busy busy, bags

When L is doing school work and Z can't seem to settle down with any work or toys of his own, I usually pull out some of these hand-me-down busy bags. Sometimes he works on them by himself and other times with me or his sister.

Yesterday, L was doing some independent work at the kitchen table, so Z and I went back to my bedroom and sat on my bed, pulling out some of the activity bag games we have. 

We talked about the weather and what bear might wear if it was raining... or if he wanted to go outside and play...

We matched up the halves of each shape. This is a good one from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Super easy, but it prompted talk about shapes, colors, and fractions even ;)

 More shape matching...

And, good ole Brown Bear, Brown Bear. This has been each of my children's favorite first book. They get so proud of being able to "read" it to me on their own ;) This time we sang our way through it and Z put the animals together in the activity as we turned each page.

This last one is one that I made forever ago. Each color name fits into the blank space on the color circle. He's at the point now, that we can start sounding out each letter sound to get the name. Some days he is more ready to do that than others, but we at least work on the first letter together while I read the rest.

 Another way we use these circles, is to sort out our counting worms by color. 

Pinterest has about a zillion different suggestions for busy bags if you are looking for some new ideas. Like I said, the first couple of ones were hand-me-downs, but I have a bunch of others I didn't share today (including file folder games) from various places. Some of the sources are pinned here (scroll all the way down for most of them). They've all been such a huge hit with my children during these toddler/preschool years.


  1. How fun! I love that your color circles are reversible to be used for different activities! I think my 2 yr old would enjoy using those to sort bears and blocks. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, sorting... sometimes I forget how the basic ideas can still be fun (especially when those color circles become lily pads and the worms are floating down the river and suddenly there's a waterfall and...! ;) Haha, you get the picture).

      Oh, we've also used those color circles for talking about color mixing too! Red circle + Blue circle = Purple circle type thing.


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