Wednesday, September 11, 2013

finding mercy in unexpected places

Little Hands to Heaven Unit 8, day 1: We are in another portion of Moses' life story: the plagues. We were scheduled to solely focus on the last plague, but I decided to go ahead and review all ten of them. I did that for a variety of reasons, especially when I found these finger "puppets." 

I figured that we could practice counting to ten and that these finger puppets could also be used for the curriculum-scheduled math activity, discussing first, last, second, third, etc. 

I just went ahead and printed and cut these out ahead of time. Then, as I was reading the Bible story in Exodus 7-11 (in a children's Bible), Z went ahead and picked out the corresponding picture. I then taped them on as we went through the story. It was kind of funny, as he really wasn't too sure about all of them taking over his fingers. 

Z was familiar with the first plague, as we discussed that in a prior lesson. That was a fun day. I gave him a bucket of water with various spoons and cups just to simply play. Amazing how long a preschooler will just play in water on the kitchen floor. Surprisingly, the mess was contained by putting a beach towel under the bucket! When he was all done, I put a few drops of red food coloring it in. We talked about how God turned the Nile River's water from water to blood. Ew, no way would we drink or take a bath in that!

It's an overwhelming story - those ten plagues - to be faced with God's very real power in His rebuke to Pharoah's hard-heartedness... things like His ability to summon populations of flies to swarm the city and to give Moses the instruction so many times to raise his staff toward heaven in which God answered by sending another plague. But you know, I also saw this as a testimony to God's mercy. Mercy? I know, probably not the first thought that comes to mind. But, honestly, He gave Pharoah ten chances to obey. Yet, each time he refused. God could have struck that man down at any moment. He knew the condition of Pharoah's heart. He knew it would take killing his son to weaken his stubborn resolve. Man. How often God does this for me! As a parent, sometimes I feel like I am talking to a brick wall with the way my instruction is (not) taken. There is no doubt in my mind that God could say that of me as well. Thank God for His mercy!

Here is the link to the blog where I found these finger puppets. I created my own "swarm of flies" however, replacing her fourth plague puppet. I was not comfortable using wild animals as a different translation for flies. I used the "lice" photo she gave, although we called them gnats, as from the ESV Bible text. 

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  1. Those are so cute! I also spotted those this morning, but went for a quicker option so I didn't have to do all the cutting for the puppets. Seeing how you used them makes me want to do it, though!

    Thanks for explaining about the wild animals - I was confused by that one and wondering where the flies had gone! :D


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