Tuesday, September 10, 2013

foreign language

This year we added foreign language to our curriculum load. My daughter has started with Rosetta Stone's Spanish program. At first the "immersion" style learning was overwhelming. She did not expect to be speaking sentences aloud during her first lesson! She's gotten into the groove though and it's been going well. She is still within Unit 1, so I can't comment too extensively on the program itself. The program allows multiple users (I'm thinking up to five?), so we set one up for each of our family members, even Z. Now that I am seeing how it works though, I am not sure I could start him yet, not unless I could skip him to the speaking portion only (which is probably possible). However, my husband and I are looking forward to reviewing and freshening up our Spanish vocabulary.

Do you study a foreign language personally or for school? Which language?

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