Monday, September 23, 2013

nowhere to go? i think not.

Unit 8, days 3 and 4: the great wonder of God parting the red sea for Moses and the Israelites! I am a little behind in posting this... we actually completed this day before our week off last week.

My had daughter gone on a field trip with a friend for the day and my parents were due in town by lunchtime, so that left Z and I to have some one-on-one time for the morning. I had an eager and willing student, so I jumped right in with the lesson! We continued with Moses' story, this time learning about when the Pharoah finally released them from slavery... and then came running back after them!

We talked about how God lead the Israelites by cloud during the day and by fire at night. We actually used our Number 8 counting page and cut/pasted photos of clouds and fire, instead of the recommended jewelry idea. Fire is always much cooler to a boy.

Then we spoke about how they were stuck - they had come to a point where the sea was on one side and the attacking Egyptian chariots on the other. But, God, with His grace and knowledge of His ultimate plan, did the unthinkable - caused the sea to open up and the waves to part!
Another part of the story that earned "cool" boy points... the chariots being covered by the walls of water that suddenly came crashing down after the Israelites safely crossed.

I went ahead and combined the planned craft on day 4 along with this one I found through Pinterest. The curriculum called for us to tape off the center of a paper, painting the entire paper, then removing the tape and wa-la the parted sea crossing! 

Taking it a step further included making the walls of ocean waves and adding in the main characters. My son loved cutting out the waves and though it was totally cool when we rolled them around a pencil to make the curl up. (I think he was quick to share that with both my parents later that day and my husband that evening). :)

The next thing we did was sooo much fun. Sometimes the most simplest of things get the giggles and grins. We acted out our own sea-crossing, complete with fish swimming in the sea! 

We combined the active exploration idea from day 3 with our sea crossing. We followed the leader through the parted waves and even within the ocean water, using ideas like "through the waves," "around the pink fish," & "over the sea wall" to practice directional descriptions. We even followed the leader "skipping," "crawling," "hopping," and "slithering" across the dry land, imaging what those people must have thought as they crossed through.

After tiring of the follow the leader, we played with the fish by themselves. We had made these awhile ago and the kids have little fishing rods with magnetic ends that we put together as well. So, we fished and talked. :)

By the end, we separated the fish to represent our (extended) family - our family of four, two sets of grandparents, and two sets of aunt/uncle. One aunt being pregnant (at the time - now she had her baby and I am an aunt!!!) with the littlest fish inside. Thank you, God, for all of our family members!

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