Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We are frequent library patrons. If not weekly, we go at least once every ten days or so. I do not rely on the library for our Sonlight books, but my daughter is an avid reader so she is ready to trade out books each trip. Something we started doing this year is recording the books she reads on a Goodreads account, named for our school. It's fun to be able to look back and see all that she's read, both for school and for enjoyment. It also makes suggestions on books that are similar to the ones she is reading, which has been neat. Not perfect, but it has at least given us a direction of books to look at that I might not have looked at before. Eventually, I can record Z's books as well, if I wanted to (or maybe when we start reading specific titles for school, I might).

My son, too, enjoys reading. At this point, at 3.5years old, the reading we do is together, as I read aloud to him. (Although I must admit, he will sit and look at books for a good amount of time, if he's looking for something to do and I suggest he sits and reads).

I thought I'd blog about a few of the books we just happened to bring home this last trip. We have enjoyed them considerably, which is so neat because we really just pick books at random for him.

Spy Hops & Belly Flops by Lynda Graham-Barber was a fun one that Z immediately got down and started acting out, like it was written. The book introduces an animal, then instructs the reader to act out a mannerism of that animal. It then explains why/what the animal does that action.

This next one is called A is for Salad by Mike Lester. Did you just do a double take? I did when I first pulled out the book. A is not for salad, lol!

I read this one today with Z. I told him that I thought the author was a little goofy in this book. Not knowing what I meant, we began the book. I read, "A is for salad. Wait a minute?! Does salad start with A?" He immediately began giggling and let me know that "No, A is for alligator!" The whole book went like that. "L is for lion! M is for moose, mom!" We reinforced the starting letter sounds to verify, "Yes! Mmmmmm, is for mmmmoose." I loved it. So clever!

This last one, titled Wave by Suzy Lee was special because we just got back from the beach! Z could immediately identify with the plot and the emotions this main character felt. There are no words in the book, simply these sweet simple watercolor illustrations.

Books like this are so fun because I tell Z he gets to read the book to me! I started off, "I wonder..." and he took it from there, describing what happened and what she had to do next. Simple and sweet.

Does your family have any favorite books that you pull out time and time again?

FYI: I receive no benefits from the book publishers nor the website linked within the post. I just liked these books :)

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