Saturday, September 7, 2013

science experiment turned...

We are using Apologia's Zoology 3, the study of Land Animals, this year for Science. We did Zoology 2/ Swimming Creatures last year and all three of us truly enjoyed learning all about the animals of the sea that God created on the fifth day. It never ceased to amaze me what even my then-two year old would tell his daddy at dinner that night that was taken straight from the Science reading for that day.

Finished up lesson 1 in Land Animals last week and it had us do an experiment about camouflage and natural selection. We had to tear up colored construction paper into pieces, then mixing them in with colored m&m candies into a bin-full of the torn paper. "Did the camouflaging make some harder than others to find?," was just one question we explored. The experiment went fine... Z got more out of it than L, as it was a pretty basic concept for a fifth grader. Anyways, after we were done with the paper, L asked if they could play with it like confetti... which led to needing a wind source to blow it up... which led to "let's get the butterfly nets..." and eventually a mess on my living room floor that was picked up and enjoyed again and again.

Wonder which "experiment" was more beneficial?

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