Tuesday, September 3, 2013

thrift store finds for school

I have had a small bag of donate-able items in the back of my car for a week or two now. Today I had the opportunity to swing by and drop it off at a local thrift store that is run by a church, in which all monies collected go towards their domestic violence program (a good enough excuse in itself to go perusing their store, right?!) Well, for me, that was a good enough excuse and the children and I found some great school goodies.

After getting home, I realized what a gem this little game truly was. It's called NumberStart and is made by Living & Learning. I've never heard of that company, but I might check them out. The game consists of 9 different game options and help preschoolers practice comparing, sorting, matching, counting, recognizing numbers, and pattern work.

After making sure all the pieces were there (they were, and practically brand new looking!) and reading some of the game options, Z and I played one of the games. It was pretty fun they happened to use frogs (the letter "f" that we have been working with this past and next week).

The game we started with consisted of spinning the spinner to get a color. Then we had to put that color frog onto the matching spot on one of the lily pads. After we had all the spaces filled, we counted each one, then talked about which one had the "most" and "least."

Later on in the evening we played a few more of the games, including one that he had to place number cards onto spaces with the corresponding number of ducks on them, and then we played another that had him finish a pattern that I started. Who said math wasn't fun?! ;)

I also picked up two more games too. Scrabble Jr. will probably get put away for another couple of years, as far as making words with Z. But, as far as tiles go, we already use tiles from our adult Scrabble game (I think we don't have the board but kept the tiles? Random, I know!). I have my daughter put a set of 26 letters in ABC order and time her. Then she tries to beat that time a few more tries. With my son, I have just pulled out letters and we made the letter sounds together. They are fun to shake up in the bag and then pull out :)

I had never seen this Larry Burkett Money Matters game before, but it looked like a good one to pick up. It says for ages 7 & up, so this will be kept for a daughter/parents game time after Z goes to bed. I'm sure it will be fantastic for reinforcing sound budgeting principles, not only for L but for my husband and myself as well!

All in all, I'd say these were a good way to spend a grand total of $2.13!

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