Saturday, October 26, 2013

by sight

After being so quiet around here, I thought I'd better hop back on and review a little of our preschool work over the past few days. 

Unit 9 finished up discussing the spies being sent into Canaan. Oh what wonderfully huge grapes and beautiful land... but, wait were those giants we spied? Maybe we shouldn't go into this land even though God promised it to us... They sure do look like mean, tough opponents...           
(photo: my son practiced his letter "g," which I thought turned out really well actually, and then he added a smiley face, which then caused him to want to make it a "smiley balloon." Love to see where their little creative minds take them.)

Now, I just have to stop and give God glory for all the connections He is so gracious to make. This preschool lesson came just before my M.O.M.S. group taught on David and Goliath. Where's the tie-in between David/Goliath and the spies sent into Canaan, you ask? Well. Just as the Israelites were nervous (practically paralyzed) about entering the promised land and made judgement calls based on what they saw with their (the spies') eyes, the Israelite army facing Goliath and the Philistines were making those "by-sight" assumptions as well. 

The problem comes when we size up a situation (seemingly hopeless or otherwise) by sight alone. Do we become so overwhelmed by where our "what ifs" take us that we forget what we know about God? In the case of the Isrealites at the brink of the promised land, they had God's promise to be delivered from slavery into a land just for them. I am guilty of their sin of disbelief. They didn't expect to meet opposition. I can just hear them, "What? We have to fight other people to obtain this land? I thought God was going to give us land!" When trouble crops up, it's like it negates God's promise. But that's not true. There are so many amazing promises in the Bible. As His daughter, He is with me wherever I go (Joshua 1:9). He promises to keep me in perfect peace if my mind is stayed on Him (Isaiah 26:3-4). These are just two of my favorites. :) So why do I get caught up in what I perceive of a situation instead of what I know of God?

Deep, right? 
Ok, back to school work... we "spied" around the house (not hard to convince a three year old to do that!) and carried in the oh-so-heavy bunch of grapes strung across our shoulders (aka a purple scarf of mine hung over the rod of a stick horse). 
Then we talked about how our actions have consequences. Just like the Isrealites' disbelief and disobedience caused them 40 more years of wandering and losing out on entering the land, we can make good or bad choices both of which have consequences. Acting out in anger and hitting his sister, has "not fun" consequences (spanking, time away from playing etc). Choosing to set the table for dinner without being asked, has some "fun" consequences (feeling good about honoring our family, eating on time etc). 

The next lesson covered Joshua leading the next generation of people finally into the land. Z cut out and glued, counting all 10 people for our number sheet. 

I will leave this one hung up for a little while, then go ahead and staple it, the nine previous pages, together to make a little counting book. It will also be neat to review our Bible stories with the objects on the number page too. I look forward to seeing what he remembers of each unit based on the number pages. I am sure he will surprise me. I am constantly amazed by what 3.5 year olds can retain!

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