Wednesday, October 2, 2013

date nights

My husband has been super intentional this year regarding date nights with our daughter. I have really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow due to those dates. Whether it's dinner or ice cream out, hitting a token/game type place, or hiking out and hanging a hammock, his goal is to have time set aside with her that is open for them (her) to talk and spend time together. However, he will have a hard time topping this month's date! 

Earlier this summer, we snagged a groupon for two 30-minute horseback riding lessons. My 10yo daughter is a big horse fan (doesn't every girl go through this stage?!) As I type, we have about a dozen horse books checked out of the library - she enjoys learning about them, drawing them, and simply looking at the different breeds. So, this past Monday, my husband and (unsuspecting) daughter, headed off for a dinner date. This time they just grabbed a quick burger together. After dinner, they headed towards the stables (about a 30minute drive). She had no clue, but when she got there it was all smiles! They had her up on top of the horse for the whole hour she was there. She learned how to mount the horse, how to steer using the reins, how to stand in the jockey position, and a variety of other new-rider type things.

She must have had a ball because guess what's at the top of her Christmas list now? Horseback riding lessons! :)

Each daddy date night out, I likewise try and use that time I have alone with Z to intentionally pour into him. We haven't gone out to do anything special yet, but this week I said, "Let's go get some ice cream!" We don't usually get ice cream, and when we do, it's usually a "build your own sundae" type place. For some reason Z doesn't like those places. I don't think the ice cream is creamy enough for him. He's not a fan of the yogurt type consistency (of course!). He said he wanted to go somewhere that he could "get some bright colored ice cream!" lol. So, we headed towards an ice cream store that I thought might offer a selection like that. He also is a big fan of trying the flavor on those "little spoons." He chose green mint ice cream (which totally surprised me, I thought he'd go for the blue cotton candy one) and chose sprinkles for his topping.

It was good to the last melted sip!

When we got home, we had some time left before bedtime (as if he would go to sleep with sugary ice cream in his system!), so we played cars. He really wanted to make a traffic jam, so that's what we did! 

Be advised. The interstate is at a stand still due to an overturned truck. You might want to take an alternate route. ;) 

What are some places that your children like to go for a date night?

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