Wednesday, October 30, 2013

hammock camping

Does your family go camping? 

We have gone camping three of the past five weekends! We have just been taken in with the cooler temps, the falls colors, and just good ole outside family time! We live about an hour away from a number of campground options. Go another hour to two hours out and we can be smack in the middle of some super big mountains.

Our family hammock-camps. Basically, that means we spend our nights in a hammock instead of a tent or camper. When I tell people that, I hear one of two questions. 1 - What if you fall out? and 2 - What if bugs crawl on you? Well, to address those... you just don't fall out! ... and there is a net over our hammock to keep out said creepy crawly things! All four of us have a hammock set up (a tarp and hammock with a bugnet). Even my three year old has no trouble in a hammock by himself. He really enjoys it.

You can see an example of how we've all hung at one of our trips this year (my son and I are the two in the middle, close enough to peek out at each other).

This fall, thanks to my parents taking our children for a four-day weekend, my husband and I were able to go hammock-camping by ourselves. It was gorgeous! Brisk and chilly as all get out at night, but beautiful. The sun shining through the colors on the trees just testified of our Creator's artistic touch in His creation. Here's a quick little collage of some photos I took:

On our way back through WV to get the children and continue home, we stopped in Lewisburg, WV (voted "America's Coolest Small Town").  Stopped in a local bicycle shop (where my husband admired a few bikes), as well as a few little boutiques and other shops including this tiny hole-in-the-wall (like, almost literally) used bookstore. We opened the door to what you see in my photo on the left. It was sooo neat. They were actually sort of categorized, with shelves labeled. The categories were random and randomly placed, but I was impressed how many books were crammed into such a small shop. We helped out the local economy by purchasing a few books as well as stopping for two danishes at the bakery next door. ;)
It was such a treat to have a weekend away. I came back last week refreshed and the kiddos surprisingly settled back into the school routine seamlessly after their "fall break" long weekend off too. 

What kinds of things do you do as a family get-away? As a couples get-away? Do you make time to take a break from schooling, either as a family or couple?

p.s. If you have any questions on hammock camping, I'd be happy to try and answer :)

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