Tuesday, October 29, 2013

knitting update

Anyone interested in how our scarf service project is progressing?

Here are a few shots of completed... 

(This is L's second scarf.)

(Hers and mine: The light doesn't really do the color justice. These are softer colors, very pretty in person.)

and what's in the midst of being created...

So, we are well on our way. 4 of the 6 we promised to make are done. We are on track to surpassing that goal and sending in more than that, by January (which is super exciting to me as L has really taken off with this service project).

I had started by using the round loom for my work, but found that the straight loom really does produce a more typical scarf design. I think a traditional knitting with needles would give a tighter stitch (maybe? Anyone out there knit?), but the loom is giving us a good introduction to the idea. I do have knitting needles. Maybe once we make our six, we could look up some videos on knitting with them. L has shown an interest and once upon a time I did know a few basic stitches. Homeschool art and service and some fun mother/daughter time. We've really enjoyed it.

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