Monday, October 14, 2013

"leggo" of my lego

Just had a friend post on Facebook about legos last week... "All three kids happily building their own creations while I get caught up on some much needed cleaning."  ...which prompted me to clean off Z's train table, flip the board over, and dump out his box of legos on top today. "Get to work creating!," I told the kids this afternoon. Two and a half hours later I find them still at the table. Z had added in a few cars, but still they were playing together with the same toy for two hours. Ahh. All this after a full weekend away camping together. Sometimes at the conclusion of weekends like that they need their own "alone room time" but today they have done well getting back into the routine of school and playtime together this afternoon. 

L has gotten into the Lego Friends line, but today she just sat and made a horse (as well as a house and some other assorted things) with the traditional box of legos.  

One day I'd like to convert Z's train table into a lego table. Or, really, I'd just like to adhere a bunch of these base plates over the back of train board so it can be either. Not sure at what point little boys outgrow trains and turn to the lego craze? Z is into legos, but he'd still pick cars/trucks over either trains or legos!

Are your kids into legos? What age are they?

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