Monday, October 28, 2013

taking stock

Do you know what's in your pantry?

No. I mean like honestly.

Have you ever taken an inventory of what foods you have on hand already and/or taken a month just to eat from what you already have stock-piled?

I was reading over at Living Well, Spending Less and came across her 31 days series on living well and spending zero. The idea on this series is to spend no money during the month, except on monthly (utility/mortgage) bills. Seems impossible, doesn't it? She has 31 neat ideas, but days 2 and 3 caught my attention. They deal with taking an inventory of your pantry and freezer and then coming up with meals using those foods (only). Check them out, as she has some nice little printables to help categorize, if you have a lot to sort through. I don't really have many extras in the pantry and am doubtful I could live an entire month on foods I already have, but I do have great starts to meals that there is no excuse not to use. Also, I did found out that I have about a dozen little marinate and seasoning packets! Those can definitely be easily put to use.

I got Z involved in this project. He had a blast emptying the pantry shelves and putting all the food out on the table for me to go through. He really steps up to tasks that require assisting me with something. I want to continue to cultivate that willing heart and thanked him for his selfless help (and his strong muscles, as he lifted some heavy bags and cans from up high).

By the end of the day, I have a clean, reorganized pantry and am ready to sit down and meal plan from things I have on hand. I will have to involve L in this part of the process.

It's so great when school and life merge. Home skills are never to be underestimated in importance. :)

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