Wednesday, November 13, 2013


You are thirsty and want a drink. You see a fresh spring ahead of you. You kneel down and reach towards the water. Do you use your hands to cup the water or simply put your face into the water and lap up some of the cool, refreshing liquid?

Your answer will be an already-calculated move on God's part, to weed out the soldiers that won't play a part in this portion of Gideon's story.

God was about to make Himself so real to Gideon (and the dwindling army of Israelites). Gideon and his soldiers were unbelievably outnumbered by the time God whittled down the number of soldiers through several situations. This victory would not be because of man's strength, but because of God's control. Good lesson to remember, that in spite of our limitations or the seemingly lack of hope within a situation, nothing is impossible for God.

For our preschool lesson, we drank water from our hands, pretending we were down by the spring. It wasn't as easy at it sounded, for my newly-4 year old!

We then followed the suggested Bible Activity with Little Hands to Heaven in which I gave Z instructions on what to draw where (good practice with colors, left/right, and just general following directions). He then circled the answer to whether God used the men that drank with their faces in the water (the face) or drank from their hands (his traced hand) (good practice on story comprehension!).

This Unit's letter is "I i" so we got out our new magnetic letters to find the upper and lowercase i's and play with all the other letters as well! (Educational birthday presents are the best! Thank you to a super cool aunt!)

It was a fun morning. Z sped through and was eager to jump into preschool this morning. After a long weekend away, it was an answer to prayer to settle back into our routine.

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