Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sonlight and books, books, books!

It's no secret that the Sonlight curriculum uses a lot of books. After all, I bought a bookshelf just to house this year's books that we are reading! Since I saved a good amount of money (I spent time vs money, lol) purchasing all of our Core D books separately, piecing my own used set together along with an instructor's guide that I bought used, I have been on the lookout for books for future Core books (both lower grades for Z and upper grades for L). We have a few used bookstores in town, but I'm never very good at picking out the titles I need in the shelves and shelves of books (even though they are categorized by author's last name initial). Last month, the local senior center had a book sale with considerably less books (although still a bunch!). I did much better flipping through the stacks of children's books, being able to see covers and scored these all for 25 to 50 cents apiece! 

Sonlight was one of the changes we made to our curriculum this year (for our history). It has been a tremendous amount of fun while learning. My daughter (and I) both enjoy reading, so it's been a natural thing to see history to come alive at the hand of an author's historical fiction writing.  My daughter herself says she now enjoys history, using Sonlight, as "It's not boring!" I appreciate that they do balance out the fiction with nonfiction sources. L has a few "textbooky" books to read and work through synonymously with the fiction ones. While it is neat to see a textbook character come to life, we do have to be careful about memorizing fiction over fact. To balance that out, we will discuss what the character is doing and how that agrees/disagrees with the known historical accounts from that time period. My daughter's only complaint has been how many books there are for one particular person or people group. She quickly tired of the number of books she had to read about Benjamin Franklin, however as the teacher, I felt like Sonlight did a good job selecting books that talked about different aspects of his life. She just didn't find him particularly interesting :)

Something that Sonlight builds into their curriculum schedule is read aloud books. I have never been faithful to read through a chapter book with my children. We have always read/are always reading shorter books aloud together, ones that are finished in one sitting. Sonlight has opened our world to reading chapter books aloud by writing them into the curriculum. That is one thing that I have really enjoyed, as well as my children!

Do you read chapter books aloud to your children? What are some of your family's favorites?


  1. Just finished reading The One and Only Ivan and bawled through the end! Kylie had to finish it up for me! Haha! You can borrow it btw... ;-)

  2. You softie ;) Definitely would like to borrow, thanks!


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