Tuesday, November 19, 2013


How far we fall and how desperate we are for that saving grace God lavishes upon us. 
I don't have to look far (i.e. in the mirror) to see the ways humans stumble through life, making wrong choices and getting back up and pushing forward, sometimes even oblivious to it all. Samson shows us another such example. 
Getting caught in the snare of sin, this oh-so-human Bible character, still winds up being used by God to accomplish one of His end purposes: destruction of more of the Philistine population. Samson's story concludes with a simple statement: "Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived" (Judges 16:30). 
Had Samson not gotten caught up with Delilah and her lies, I wonder if this statement might have read differently. God gives us free will, so I don't want to get caught up in that sticky argument, but I also know that God accomplished His plan while using Samson, bad decisions and all. However, I wonder if Samson missed out on some of the joy he could have had, if he had walked with God during that time in his life. No doubt, the Philistines would have been conquered, but I wonder if it would have turned out differently. Samson missed out on that close fellowship with God while he was ahem, messing around with Delilah. 
How often do I get caught up in my own agenda, when I am missing the sweet walk I could be having with Him?   

Now for the 4yo version of looking into Samson's story... 

For preschool we learned about the strength God gave Samson and even tested our own strength as we put a variety of objects in order from lightest to heaviest. 

Then we, with big sister's help, created our own Philistine temple with pillars. We learned that despite Samson making bad choices and turning away from God, God was merciful and gave Samson one last act of strength. Z put his hands inside the pillars and knocked over the temple, just like Samson did. God has a plan for each of our lives, and His plan included using Samson to destroy these Philistines. How exciting it is to think about the things God will help us accomplish, especially if we believe in Him and trust Him.

We finished up the day with a letter "I i" activity (courtesy of COAH).

What do you think about Samson? An story of God's amazing mercy or simple another story?

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