Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day


Working on something a little different today, in honor of Veteran's Day. I searched through Pinterest and found a few great ideas. No freebie printables were available, so I just went ahead and created my no-frills version of one that I found. I thought I'd go ahead and share, but with full disclosure that the original idea was not created by me. If you scroll to the last page of the document, you will see where I have sited my sources and even an additional source idea($) to add to it. Now this was typed up quickly and I don't claim any graphical designs skills, like my online friend Dawn with Our Little Monkies preschool printables. ;) You might have to fudge a little on the cutting/lines to get the sections to line up, but mine came out like this:

It's pretty simple. You can make it as involved or uncomplicated as you'd like... beef it up by requiring your student to research the answers and write full paragraphs or just use it to practice penmanship by providing the answers yourself. I appreciate the sacrifices our military families make and want my kids to stop and think about what is required to have the freedoms we enjoy.

We will actually be spending Veteran's Day with my father in law who is a veteran himself. I hope to also have my daughter interview her grandfather with a few pre-thought out questions as well!

What do you do on Veteran's Day? Do you hold school or take the day off? Do you celebrate it?

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