Friday, November 8, 2013

yummy Jericho walls

Sticky peanut buttery fingers, crumbly ritz crackers, and eye-hand coordination practice. We finally finished up Unit 10 and our study of the city of Jericho!

We discussed how God used Rahab to assist the group of Israelite spies - these men specifically coming in to check out the city. It's "funny" to me that these men came into the city, God prompted Rahab to hide them and send them back out safely, and then God had the walls fall down without any force of the troops whatsoever anyways. Maybe these men could better appreciate the power of God (& experienced greater gratitude for the easy entrance) after seeing just how hard the city would be to penetrate?

Here are our "Jerichos," the first being L's (she wanted a stronger, more solid built wall) and the second being Z's (with a little help from me sticking them upright together, for a taller wall). 

Super delicious and easy clean up after this one! ;)


  1. That was a fun project! I like the top wall picture...somebody was thinking :)

  2. Dawn - Thinking, yes! Thinking about her belly too. Takes more crackers to make a more secure wall that way... ;) Too fun!


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