Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Flour on the floor. Hershey kiss wrappers across the kitchen table. The hum of the mixer. The smell of fresh cookies being taken out of the oven. Lips smacking as little tongues lick the leftover batter from the beater.

Mmm... is your mouth watering yet?
Today (and last Saturday) is Christmas cookie baking day!

In my newlywed days, I received a cookie book titled, "1001 Cookie Recipes." (Thanks, mom & dad!). Each year I try to make a new cookie from that book. I've been slack a few years now, so this year I blew off the dust and flipped through the pages again. So, in my cookie collection, I have three new ones from that book as well as two oldies but goodies that always get made (i.e. the peanut butter blossom cookies!). 

I would say the toughest thing about all this cookie baking is having the self control (and family control?) to keep them stored away until Christmas day (crazy, I know)! This year we will be sharing Christmas day with family, so there's extra incentive to keep them tucked away so that we will have yummy treats to share with family throughout the week.

What is your family's favorite Christmas cookie recipe? If you have a blog post or recipe link, please share it in the comments.

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