Friday, December 13, 2013

family night

Despite the prolonged silence on this blog, I will just jump right back in with this post. I got a little carried away with my unplanned blogging break. We had a school break the week of Thanksgiving, but have been back at schooling for the past two weeks despite my silence here. :)
However... just two more days next week and we will be finished for the year! In the blink of an eye, this first semester of our second year homeschooling is over. What is that saying? "The days are long, but the years are short." How true it is!

Tonight our family will be having another "Advent Family Night." These couple of weeks before Christmas, we've decided to have an intentional family night within each week, celebrating with a Christmas movie or book and then a craft or game together... just a preplanned little something out of the ordinary, to be done together.  I feel like we do so many things during our school time, but rarely does my husband get to get in on a little creative, messy fun ;)

Last week for the crafty part of our first family Advent night, we each colored parts of a nativity scene and then each cut out our own pieces. L and I assembled it all together on a large piece of cardboard.

It has since found a home on my mantle this Christmas. Quite a switch from our white porcelain nativity set, but I love it! The thing that makes it so special is that it has touches of all of our family in it. My husband, my children and myself... it's the most unique nativity display I have had up. I mean check out the red and blue cow!
Tonight we'll do something a little yummier... details to come! ;)

If you have blogged about a Christmas tradition or special family night, be sure to post your link in the comments. I would be interested in reading what your family does on the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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