Thursday, December 26, 2013


My primary love language is gifts. If you aren't familiar with the Five Love Languages, go ahead and click through here to learn more about this book/concept. There is even a free questionnaire to discover your (or your child's) love language. Typically the language that is your primary language of love, is also the language that comes easiest/most enjoyable when "speaking love" as well. Meaning that if you receive love through encouraging words (words of affirmation) than you are probably a pretty encouraging person as well.

Regarding "gifts" and what it looks like as my speaking-love language... I enjoy shopping with another person in mind. What's really fun is listening and trying to come up with a "perfect" gift to give another. I take pleasure in creating just a little "something" for another to make them smile or know they are being thought of. There have been times in my life that I have done better at "loving" in this way than others, simply I guess, honestly because of just pure laziness. While it's something that I enjoy, as with so many other things, it usually requires time and money, and I let those excuses get in the way. As a child, I remember spending hours wrapping my Christmas gifts, adding ribbons that spelled out a person's initials or curling up curling ribbon so that it laid just so. I think those are all manifestations of that gifts language. Lol, either that or I was just trying to get out of doing chores or something ;)

Anyways, my grandmother, age 91, made a comment earlier this year about how a friend of hers at their assisted living center has a napkin holder... as in kind of like those clips that a dentist uses to hold that little cloth up to protect your shirt... she was asking if I wondered if a local department store might carry something like that. (I know, precious right?!) She had seen one in a catalog but was too expensive to justify ordering. "Lightbulb!" I just knew THAT was what we would make her for Christmas! At the time we were talking about it, it was all I could do to keep myself from excitedly sharing the idea with my Grams. :)

Fast forward to December and L and I went shopping for supplies. Thanks to a fellow jewelry/bead shopper at Joann's, who gave us some great advice, we left the store set with the necessary supplies to do the job! L takes joy in gift-giving as well, especially when those gifts are created by hand. She has always had a generous spirit. I remember the one day she was given $1 from a church member. Nearly five minutes later, she had turned around and passed that dollar along to a friend "just because." She is always pretty open about sharing toys with her brother and/or teaching a younger child how to create something. 

Here is a photo of my L, who completed this project from start to finish! She even YouTube'd how to use crimp beads to finish off the ends nicely. I think my daughter knows how to speak the language of "gift" love as well. This is just one of the many Christmas projects she has put her art skills to use to create.

And here's the actual napkin holder completed. My grandmother loved it!

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families as well.
Enjoy the rest of the week!

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