Monday, December 16, 2013

prior planning...

...prevents poor performance.

We should have lived out that little mantra prior to this morning!

My husband took the day off today to use a free pass to Old Salem, a (local) Moravian settlement dating back to 1766. While my daughter has been able to tour the buildings and exhibits a number of times during their homeschool days, our entire family has not been able to actually wander through them together. We thought it would be neat to see it at Christmastime as well.

We clicked through to their website, about 9ish this morning, to see what time they opened. Hmm... scrolling down... and... they are closed on Mondays!

What we were able to do this weekend, though, was to visit another local Moravian settlement (actually the first one in North Carolina, circa 1753) called Historic Bethabara Park. My husband and I had a date night and went to listen to the Piedmont Chamber Singers perform their Candlelight Concert in the old Gemeinhaus (church building). It was SO neat to think that people have been using that building for 225 years, to sing glory to God! [May I also note that we take our comfy church pews and chairs for granted these days. Even after a 40 minute concert, my back was a bit tight from sitting on the backless wood bench.] The harmony of this singing group was beautiful. I enjoyed the simple Christmas celebration.

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