Monday, December 23, 2013

warm necks for the Gospel

Over. Around. Up/Down. On. Off. Such are the ways of looming knitting. My L and I have been using our looms for the past three months for the Knit Together in Love Project.
Ashley, the head of this project, was recently interviewed for her local Virginia newspaper here. So neat to see how God has used the internet to spread the news of the project and therefore exploded her collection efforts this year (the 10th year she has been doing this). 
We are officially done and these babies will be in the mail, on the way, later today! 

We are so jazzed, as I originally had signed us up to complete six scarves, thinking surely we could each do one a month for the three months we had to complete them. However, L and I completed 14 scarves for the project! The month of October we had 4 scarves done, but as we got familiar with the loom, we were able to crank out the last 10 in November and early December. 

The time was special, as L and I spent time together picking out yarn, learning the loom, and knitting but also because were able to focus our efforts with a service mindset, thinking about both the missionaries giving these out and the people that would receive them.

We'll take some time off, but I see no reason that we won't continue to knit and tuck them away for next year's collection or maybe even to donate to our local homeless shelter or community outreach ministries.

Father God, I lift up the missionaries that will receive these scarves to distribute. I pray for their continued dedication to spreading the Gospel in their countries. I pray Your hand of protection upon their lives and their families and Your energizing passion within them to see Your truth spread to peoples that don't know You. I pray for the recipients of these scarves, whether they are young orphan children, homeless adults, or just a neighbor without Hope. God, I pray that the Gospel will reach their ears and hearts as these scarves wrap around their necks and warm their bodies. Amen.

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