Monday, January 6, 2014

a look ahead

Dreaming... Not the fall asleep, happens when you are snoozing kind, but dreaming, like a vision for the future. I'll be honest. I stink at dreaming. I'm a "see it like it is" kinda girl. I mean, for the most part, the glass is always half full, however honestly I usually just see it more realistically: I've drank half, and have half to go. I don't think that's necessarily the best viewpoint for every situation, but it's the way I tend to "see" things naturally.

All that to say, I do think it's good to have goals, a dream of sorts, when it comes to schooling. Since I posted what I wish I knew in 2013, I figured I should follow up with what I hope to know in 2014.

I hope to know:
  • How to have a well-organized day that includes regular school time, a spiritual/devotion time, as well as a daily exercise time. 
[This school year we've found a schedule that works for us. We've settled in and found our groove for our academic work. Our quiet/devotion time can get a little scattered so I'd like to see that consistent: all L, Z, and I having a quiet time independently, but at the same time. Z is not too young to be looking at his Bible books during this time with us, even though he's not technically reading yet. Also, we have got to add a daily physical education/exercise part to our schedule. Teacher-mom needs it as well as the students!]

  • How to juggle the homeschool and parenting roles, take care of my home, be a respectful wife, and a woman "after God's own heart." 
[Some days it's overwhelming. I just want to send the kids to school and have a quiet moment to myself. Many days I get lazy and don't work on my relationship with my Savior. I don't turn to Him in worship. Most days, I don't want to think of my husband before myself. Self self self. That's the common theme throughout those "don't wants." Well, this year my desire is to be selflessly proactive in all those relationships: God, husband, children.]

I hope to see:
  • My children establishing and/or growing in a relationship with Christ. 
  • My children learning and stretching relationally/socially as well as academically.
  • My children learning how to problem solve. Questioning, but striving to find answers, versus taking the easy, lazy way out. 
  • My whole family adopting an attitude/a habit of looking outside of ourselves, our situation, our finances. The world is so much bigger than us.
  • My whole family working together on our finances/stewardship, our relationships with each other, and keeping up the home as a team.
  • Myself learn to knit with needles vs a loom.
  • Myself reading non fiction as well as fiction books.

My dreams, my goals, seem pretty standard, but it's amazing how out of reach they sometime feel! Anything from my list that you are hoping to work on in your school or personal life this year? 

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