Friday, January 3, 2014

a look-back

What I wish I knew in 2013, the Covington Academy version:
  • It's ok to switch curriculum, even mid-year. 
[We changed out just about every subject at the start of the new school year, however I should've switched them earlier, as it's brought about so many more positives in school this school year.]
  • Sometimes the schedule needs to be thrown out the window and that's ok
[When a friend calls with a rare opportunity to get together or you don't have key ingredient for dinner that night, it's ok to run errands in the morning or meet up with that friend. You can make up the school work at the end of the day! Learning occurs 24-7. We did throw off the confines of the schedule this past year, but not without the "worries" that went along with it - "Are we behind now? What if I can't make up that lost work this evening, or even this week!?" "It's five o'clock and we're still doing school. Worst teacher ever."]
  • Sunshine-days totally count as a reason for a "sanity" day off, if it's needed.
[After a week of rain or several days of cold weather, extended time to play outside on an unseasonable sunny, warm day is a must! We took a couple of these such days this fall/winter. I quickly learned what a difference it makes the next day. We are all refreshed and better focused. And, of course we also had several days when we just moved some schoolwork outside to the hammock. Win-win!]
  • Intentionally-teaching a preschooler will throw a wrench in things. 
[A fifth grader will want to do the preschool craft project and won't stay on task with her own work. Factor that into the schedule.]
  • I will continually weigh out if homeschooling is the best thing for my kid(s). 
[It's not just a once-a-year or once-a-child decision. Doubt will creep in, but then usually the Lord is so gracious to remind me that, for right now, it is the best.]
  • Homeschooling your children, like mothering, is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I will ever do. 
[What a privilege and a blessing. Even on the hard days, don't forget!]

What did you learn (either in homeschooling or personal life) this year? Anything that would've made the year a little easier to get through without having to learn the trial-and-error way?


  1. Dying laughing with the preschool craft line. YES, the older kids take over... Sigh.
    Great list there friend. So thankful there are new mercies every day!

  2. Appreciating your thoughts in this post!!
    (very encouraging, thank you!)

    (Thanks for stopping by our blog too... I followed your comment back to here :-D)


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