Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a shepherd boy

Kicked off the new year, back in Little Hands to Heaven, on week 13. We talked about David... David the shepherd for this lesson. It amazes me how God will use the little things to prepare us for the big things. I mean David will soon be given the opportunity to use these skills of defending his sheep to defend his people. Talk about a giant leap. His ability to lead a flock of sheep will soon transition into his leading of a country. It just makes me wonder what God may be cultivating within me to use in some later part of my story.

For our preschool lesson, I went ahead and read the story of the Good Shepherd from The Jesus Storybook Bible to learn a little more about David, as both a shepherd and a song writer. Later found this YouTube video so we watched/listened to the story again during lunch.

His stuffed animals became "sheep" for some pretend-play time. At first I pretended to be a wolf trying to come eat his sheep. He swung around his slingshot and pretended to defend his flock. (Ok, ok, who am I kidding... my son wanted nothing to do with a pretend slingshot and instead got out a toy that he pretended to be a gun and shot at me, the wolf!)
Then he became the wolf. What a sneaky little wolf he turned out to be. He almost got a few of my sheep while I was still figuring out how to use my pretend slingshot. ;)

As another pretend play, I hid the sheep around the living room, while he stayed out of sight. Like a good shepherd, he went around to search and round up his missing "sheep," until they were all corralled in the blanket corral.

I casually mentioned how God is like a shepherd with us as His sheep. Sometimes we wander away by making bad choices and sinning, but God doesn't stop loving us. He desires reconciliation and seeks us out just like we went searching for the lost sheep. Z isn't quite up to speed on the metaphor thing yet. Didn't see how we could be sheep, with God as our shepherd :) "Sheep?! We aren't sheep, Mooo-om!"

I didn't have any cotton balls in the house to make the craft the curriculum called for, so I went scrounging for another idea. I found the parts to this craft on Pinterest - here and here. I substituted a muffin tin liner as the body of our sheep. Z added the white eyes so they could follow their shepherd!

I also had a few pages of Little Monkey Printables 'Woodland Friends' set printed out, so we switched out the wording of this page and had the shepherd David (drawn in on the far right) counting his sheep. We rolled a dice and added the first two numbers rolled (5 + 1). When we got our sum, we then drew in that number of sheep, grazing in the "pasture."

I really appreciate how this curriculum doesn't just focus on the "big stories" of the Bible. We will study David... as a shepherd... as one who loves God... then his defeat of Goliath... his friendship with Jonathan... becoming a King, etc. I appreciate that even my four year old can see more to each character's story than the highlight of his career. I think when you do that you can see more of God at work than just how seemingly "great" the person is (which is not the case at all!)

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