Wednesday, January 29, 2014

just to catch yall up

I'm afraid I have been a little MIA on the blog lately. Nevertheless, carries on.

A week ago Monday, for the MLK holiday we took off school for a nice long weekend with daddy home. Then, our family weekend continued into Tuesday (21st), as we field tripped to our area's first settlement... one with Moravian roots that was founded in an area formerly known as Salem, now called the combined-city name of Winston Salem. I will blog more about that later, after I have had time to edit a few photos to include within my post (as opposed to quick cell phone shots, like I typically include).

At the start of this past weekend, my L woke with a sore throat and achy body. Thankfully, no fever and three days later, the sore throat has progressed into a typical head cold with sneezing and runny nose. So, we basically took a sick day off on Monday (sticking just to a read aloud and a video-based writing lesson) then a reduced-load day yesterday (math review/test and some history-reading and bible). Today my intention was to go back full force, especially when she woke up feeling mostly back to normal. However, we had this little thing called snow come in last evening... and, well, it's our first of the season. We have been on the outskirts of all the other storms on the east coast. So, despite my planning, I think we will just call today a snow day, like the public schools in our area.

They are outside again right now, making the most of the little snow that's left on the grass, sledding and trying to build a snowman (well, snow baby at this rate). The sun has melted most off of the grass, although the road is still slick and white!

And just to keep it really "real," here is the thing I can't stand about snow...
This is what my kitchen looked like when they came in for a hot chocolate/lunch break:

Wet, wet, wet! :)
Ah, well, enjoy it while we can, right? Right!
I did enjoy the snow as it was falling. Nothing quite like curling up with a cup of hot coffee and watching the snow come down. It's peaceful in a way. I like that.

Did your area get hit with snow? What's your favorite thing (or least fave) about snow?


  1. We ended up with about 8 inches of fluffy - too fluffy for snowballs, but perfect for snow angels. My favorite thing is how pretty it is! I love looking out my window at a yard covered in snow. :)

    1. Wow! 8 inches! Snow angels were the first thing that my Z talked about when he saw it snowing yesterday evening. :) He made a few today. It definitely was more powdery here too, but beautiful for the looking. Thanks for sharing :)


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