Monday, February 17, 2014

2 snow storms in one winter?!

What better way to prepare for an upcoming snow storm than to make snowflakes, right? Well, we thought so! As if by cutting out these little babies, we might encourage the clouds to dump their thick, wet treats down to earth. Well, the skies opened up, just as the weathermen predicted this time, and we got about 6.5" of snow last week. The previous snow fall only amounted to about an inch, so the kids were highly anticipating this storm. It did not disappoint! In NC, we have gone all winter some years without any of the white stuff. Not this year - twice in one winter!

On Facebook during this snow storm, all the "cool kids" seemed to be making snow cream. Now, I am not always one to go with the trends, but my daughter got wind of this and it didn't seem like a bad thing to try, so we went for it. We put out a bowl as it was snowing and collected 4 cups worth of fresh snow. Following the recipe I have posted below (source: random facebook pic), we sipped on a yummy snow treat. Tasted just like a vanilla milkshake :)  

And, last but not least, just a fun shot of my "snow ninja." It was coming down pretty fierce with high winds, so a mask-type hat was perfect (although my son, pouting at this moment, wasn't in complete agreement). 

I know much of the east coast saw some part of this storm.
Did your area get snow or ice?


  1. We didn't get as much as you guys did that time. Our big snow was two weeks before. I love the snow but I am tired of missing school. We got off lucky with snow make-up days, but there aren't any easy make-up days left so I am hoping we are done with the snow for this year.

    1. Yes, after about the third day of being snowed in, I sure was glad to see the sun out shining! We took off one day, but then schooled the rest of the week - one perk of schooling at home ;) (Although my student didn't quite see it as a perk then, lol). Glad that VA builds those days in for you guys!


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