Monday, May 19, 2014

year 2 of home educating

This is the 100th post here at the Chronicle... And as we stand now, Covington Academy has 5 school days left in the school year, with 2 of those being field trip days ;)

This year (year #2 of educating at home) has been so different from last year. Last year was all about overcoming the switch from traditional classroom to home classroom. The first six months for my then-4th grade student were spent learning the new routine, learning what it meant to respect mom as a teacher as well as a mom, learning how to work while a little brother was in and out of our work space (aka the kitchen table), and of course learning the math, science, history, etc that we were covering. After starting year two, I would say that many of the intangibles were learned successfully last year... This year, in fifth grade, my daughter has been able to work even with her brother around (although still prefers the quiet, hey don't we all?!), understands /respects my teaching (style), and has gotten into a groove of working on her own by determining her work schedule /priority when it comes to the different subjects. This year was a lot less of sitting at the kitchen table and a lot more of completing work on the couch together or at the computer or even in her room alone and/or outside.

In addition to sliding into a comfortable teaching routine with my 5th grader, I also began teaching my preschooler. I'll be honest... the first half of the year was beautiful, but the second half of the year I dropped the ball with him. Well, dropped the ball as far as the curriculum went. I did pick up some workbooks for him, which he asks for and enjoys doing together. In addition to the workbook, I usually pull out some manipulatives to play with together or some activity bags /file folder games or just building blocks. So, I guess all in all, I shouldn't be so down on the semester to call it a failure, it just looked a lot different than the first half of the year.

In planning for next year, I know it will look even different than this year and the year prior. I guess that's one of the merits of homeschooling. My children don't have to fit into someone else's idea for their best education year after year. As their parent, and even with their input, we can determine what will be the best for them each year. That might look different from one year to the next. It's been an exciting adventure and I look forward to next year as well. As the summer goes by, I will update the curriculum page with our new selections and be sure to fill you in on some of the changes. For now, I'm going to focus on these five days left! :)

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