Curriculum Choices

Want to know what we're using this year?

For my preschool son, I am using Little Hands to Heaven by Heart of Dakota as well as many (free) supplemental ideas/printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler, Homeschool Creations, Little Monkey Printables, and 1plus1plusequals1. We have also started the Get Ready for the Code Explode the Code workbook set.

For my fifth grade daughter, we are taking the eclectic approach again and using a variety of materials from a variety of publishers. Here's what we are doing, listed by subject:
History & Bible - Sonlight (American History, part 1/Core D)
Grammar - Excellence in Writing (Fix-It) - will most likely use this the second half of the year
Spelling - Excellence in Writing (Phonetic Zoo)
Science - Apologia (Zoology 3, Land Animals of the Sixth Day)
Math - Math U See (Zeta/decimals)  We decided to switch to Teaching Textbooks (Math 6).
Foreign Language - Spanish (Rosetta Stone)
Listing this last, because as Andrew P says, writing isn't it's own subject, but one that's woven within all others... Excellence in Writing (Student Writing Intensive).

Want to cut costs and purchase homeschool materials (books, etc) used? I've had great success at Homeschool Classifieds. Between there, a local used bookstore, a local used homeschool bookstore, and then just amazon, I've rarely had to purchase any of our curriculum at full price.

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